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Trueconf and Baikal Electronics Have Presented Russian Video Communication for Baikal Processors

23 December 2020

Trueconf and Baikal Electronics have announced a strategic partnership in which they have adapted Trueconf software to work with the command set of the Baikal-M processor based on the ARM architecture. The compatibility of these solutions will enable the construction of corporate communications networks for government and private organizations with high requirements for transparency of implementation and security of communications.

The ARM technology is becoming a new global trend: such processors combine high-performance RISC designs, reducing manufacturing costs and power consumption, which has already made them a great solution for portable devices, including laptops.

Trueconf and Baikal Electronics have entered into a strategic partnership to provide domestic companies and organizations with high-quality video conferencing working in native mode with the Russian ARM-platforms and operating systems.

To achieve this goal, Trueconf and Baikal Electronics formed a joint project team in 2018 with the primary goal of optimizing Trueconf’s VCS solutions for ARM-compatible platforms. The collegial research of the companies ended with testing, during which the correct operation of Trueconf Room and Trueconf for Linux videoconferencing solutions on platforms with Baikal-M processors was confirmed.

Baikal-M is a domestic on-chip system with eight ARM Cortex-A57 cores, an octa-core Mali-T628 GPU, and a large set of high-speed interfaces. It is a modern, high-performance processor designed for a wide range of target devices in the consumer and B2B segments.

Trueconf Room is the Trueconf’s software solution for organizing and managing video conferencing in conference rooms and meeting rooms that supports 4K UltraHD resolution and provides great integration capabilities with API commands for external control.

Trueconf for Linux is a Trueconf client application for video communication and remote collaboration that works with Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Mint, and native Astra Linux, Alt, Red OS, and Lotus operating systems.

Trueconf’s ARM-compatible solutions will enable effective use of videoconferencing technology in smart city systems and embedded solutions that serve for the remote government or financial services—video kiosks, contact centers, and ATMs, as well as for remote customer service at stores, airports, and stadiums.

This approach is designed to establish secure live communication between citizens and representatives of the state or large organizations, reducing the cost of building and maintaining IT infrastructure. In addition, it will allow avoiding the risks associated with the use of foreign hardware and software solutions.

Earlier, special versions of the Trueconf software were released for the Raspberry Pi platform, providing full video calls and group conferencing on a credit card-sized computer.

“As of today, we can say unequivocally: ARM will become the basis for desktop systems, workstations, and laptops, as it has already happened with mobile devices and the Internet of Things,” said Dmitriy Odintsov, Director for Development at Trueconf. “The joint efforts of Trueconf and Baikal Electronics will allow providing customers with access to high-quality Russian video communications, adapted to a wide variety of application scenarios while avoiding the introduction of foreign products.”

“One of the main tasks of domestic computer developers is to provide consumers with comprehensive software and hardware solutions built on the principles of technological independence,” said Andrey Evdokimov, CEO of Baikal Electronics. “We are pleased that the producers of operating systems are now joined by producers of anti-virus software, and we hope that Russian cooperation on the domestic IT market will increasingly grow every day.”

Source: CNews, 23.12.2020


Baikal Electronics is a joint venture between the T-Platforma Russian supercomputer developer and the T-Nano nanocenter of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. The company specializes in the design of the ARM- and MIPS-based integrated chips and crystal systems. The company’s developments are designed for use in the energy-efficient computer and industrial systems with different performance and functionality.

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