Cleanroom Successfully Certified for the First 300mm Wafer Size Fab in Russia

16 July 2014

CROCUS NANO ELECTRONICS (CNE) the joint venture founded in 2011 by Crocus Technology, a leading developer of magnetically enhanced semiconductor technologies, and RUSNANO, the Russian state-owned investment company focused on developing the Russian nanotechnology industry, is proud to announce that it has successfully passed certification of its cleanroom in Moscow (Russia) according to ISO 14644–1 requirements.

The cleanroom is certified as state of the art class 1,000 (ISO 6) in the production area. This cleanroom is ready for equipment move in and is the heart of the first 300mm wafer fab in Russia, which will be capable of processing up to 1,000 wafers per week.

“Our cleanroom certification is a very important milestone in the preparation of our fab. Equipment hook-up is expected to occur in the next quarter and we expect to begin process qualification of our fab equipment in September, 2014. The achievement of this milestone is also attributed to our general contractor, Faeth, who completed the facilities and cleanroom works and has been awarded the hook-up contract, as well.” said Mark Dydyk, CEO of CNE.


Crocus Nano Electronics (CNE) is the joint venture founded in 2011 by Crocus-Technology, Inc., a developer of MRAM technology, and RUSNANO, the Russian government investment fund for nanotechnologies. CNE is building the first advanced magnetic memory fab in the world, capable of high volume manufacturing of advanced MLU devices on 300-mm wafers based on Thermally Assisted Switching™ (TAS) MRAM technology at 90-nm and 65-nm nodes.

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