RUSNANO Delegation Headed by Anatoly Chubais, Will Take Part in the International Caspian Technology Forum

07 April 2016

RUSNANO Group takes part in the International Caspian Technology Forum held in Astrakhan on April 7-8.

Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company LLC Anatoly Chubais will make a presentation at the plenary session on global technology trends that can seriously affect the performance properties of basic materials, energy generation and distribution as well as oil and gas production. The program of the working trip of the head of RUSNANO also includes meeting with the Governor of the Astrakhan Region A.A. Zhilkin, visiting of a number of industrial enterprises, which came up with an initiative on cooperation in the introduction of products of RUSNANO portfolio companies.

Plenary session of the International Caspian Technology Forum

Plenary Session of the International Caspian Technology Forum.
Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company LLC Anatoly Chubais (L)
and the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin

Everyone will be able to get acquainted with the products of portfolio companies at the RUSNANO stand in the exhibition of Caspian Technology Forum. Russia’s largest producer of solar panels Hevel will show visitors the development of their own research center—photovoltaic cells with efficiency of solar flux conversion of more than 20%. At low cost of production, they combine the advantages of thin-film and silicon technology, are not subject to light-induced degradation and can be operated for more than 20 years.

Perm manufacturer of oil-production equipment Novomet will introduce energy-efficient electric-centrifugal submersible pumps. Nanoscale coating of tungsten carbide, titanium and aluminum oxide, chromium and molybdenum is used in the manufacture of slide bearings and pump stages—it gives them high corrosion and hydroabrasion resistance, as well as reduces energy consumption by 20-30%.

Novosibirsk project of RUSNANO—OCSiAl will demonstrate not only their products—single-walled carbon nanotubes, but the actual methods for their use: long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, durable carbon and aluminum composites, electrically conductive rubber, concrete, cement and some other materials modified with nanotubes. In spite of high quality, the cost of carbon nanotubes by OCSiAl is 50 times lower than the cost of their equivalents, which opens up the possibility of their mass application in industry.

The visit of RUSNANO’s stand in the exhibition zone of the International Caspian Technology Forum

The visit of RUSNANO’s stand in the exhibition zone of the International Caspian Technology Forum

In total, the Group stand represents products of 14 RUSNANO portfolio companies and startups of Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs network: foam glass gravel by ICM Glass Kaluga, machine vision systems based on the microprocessors for semantic processing of video streams VIP-1 by Elvees NeoTek, composite basalt-plastic fitting by Galen, large diameter pipe fragment ChelPipe with corrosion-resisting coating Metaclay and many others.

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RUSNANO Joint-Stock Company was founded in March 2011 through reorganization of state corporation Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies. JSC RUSNANO contributes to implementation of the state policy on the development of the nanotechnology industry by investing directly and through investment funds of nanotechnology in financially effective high-technology projects providing the development of new production facilities in the Russian Federation. Its primary investment focus is in electronics, optoelectronics and telecommunications, healthcare and biotechnology, metallurgy and metalwork, energy, mechanical engineering and instrument making, construction and industrial materials, chemicals and petrochemicals. 100 percent of RUSNANO’s shares are state owned. Thanks to RUSNANO’s investments, there are currently 138 factories and R&D Centers opened in 37 regions in Russia.

Management of assets of RUSNANO JSC is carried out by Limited Liability Company established in December 2013, RUSNANO Management Company.

Work to establish nanotechnology infrastructure and carry out educational programs is fulfilled by RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, which was also established during the reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies.