Crocus Nano Electronics and Angstrom Biotechnologies Inc. Enter Collaboration for the Biosensors Technology

27 April 2016

RUSNANO’s Portfolio Company—Crocus Nano Electronics, the only Russian microelectronics manufacturing facility on 300 mm wafers and leader in manufacturing of magnetic semiconductor solutions, and Angstrom Biotechnologies Inc., a developer of biological sensors, signed memorandum of understanding. Parties agreed on cooperation for the production of biosensors and lab-on-a-chip for rapid diagnosis of diseases and infections.

Companies identified further scope of works within cooperation boundaries, divided in three phases: development of process technology using Crocus Nano Electronics manufacturing facility, technology qualification and mass production of bio-sensors, developed by Angstrom Biotechnologies Inc. Companies expect to implement a plan of work until the end of 2018.

“Mass production of bio-sensors is a unique project and open a great opportunities for russian electronics and biotechnology industries”, said Oleg Syutin CEO of Crocus Nano Electronics. “Our project aims to localization of innovation technologies in Russia and provide to Russian and world-wide markets affordable devices for rapid diagnosis.”

“Angstrom Biotechnologies Inc. bio-sensors based on molecular diagnostics and microarray technologies”, said Igor Ivanov, president of Angstrom Biotechnologies Inc. “Crocus Nano Electronics is a reliable partner for mass production of bio-chips and advancement on the market medical devices.”

Crocus Nano Electronics manufacturing facility include all required equipment for production and metrology of biosensors and lab-on-chip. Parties expect to apply bio-sensors for medicine diagnosis and agricultural development.

According to various estimates, global market of biological diagnosis is one of the fastest growing segments of innovation electronics market. Global biological diagnosis market is >$50 billion in 2015 and estimated to be >$80 billion by 2022.


Crocus Nano Electronics (CNE) is the joint venture founded in 2011 by Crocus-Technology, Inc., a developer of MRAM technology, and RUSNANO, the Russian government investment fund for nanotechnologies. CNE is building the first advanced magnetic memory fab in the world, capable of high volume manufacturing of advanced MLU devices on 300-mm wafers based on Thermally Assisted Switching™ (TAS) MRAM technology at 90-nm and 65-nm nodes.

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Angstrom Biotechnologies Inc. is start-up company specialized on development of bio-sensors, based on multimillion parallel analysis of biomaterials. Company founded by experienced multidiscipline management and technical team, from world leading biotech, new material, and semiconductor companies.