10% of Saint Petersburg’s Trolleybus Fleet Will Get Lithium-ion Accumulator Batteries from Liotech

03 July 2017

Liotech-Innovations Ltd will deliver 66 vehicle sets of lithium-ion accumulator batteries (LIAB) for Russian trolleybus manufacturer TROLZA. The project is implemented under the contract between Trolza and the Transport Committee of Saint Petersburg for delivery of trolleybuses with extended autonomous travel distance for the purpose of renewal of urban electric transport.

Currently, there are 46 trolleybus routes in the city, and the fleet consists of more than 600 trolleybuses. Therefore, 10% of the trolleybus fleet will be equipped with lithium-ion accumulator batteries produced by Liotech-Innovations Ltd. All vehicles that will be delivered under the contract have autonomous cruising range of 7.5 km.

“The increasing number of trolleybuses with extended autonomous travel distance on the Russian roads is an important stage of electric transport evolution allowing to create in Russia competencies in development and manufacturing accumulators with power capacity up to 100 kWh and to move subsequently to production of more powerful (200-400 kWh) accumulators for their usage in electrobuses and other heavy vehicles. This is also convenient for the urban operating companies—they get an opportunity to test-operate vehicles with autonomous electric movement and to use that experience in introduction of electrobuses”, said the managing director for investment activity of MC ROSNANO, Vladimir Kozlov.

According to the forecasts, by 2025 the total storage capacity of accumulators of urban transport will make more than 10 GWh. Under the contract Liotech-Innovations produces and delivers not only lithium-ion accumulators, but also top-level engineering solutions: accumulator battery embedding custom-made frame and management and temperature control system. Currently, Liotech is the center of Russian competencies in mass production of lithium-ion cells and batteries made of such cells.

“Development of cooperation with Trolza means for us recognition of quality and efficiency of our products. In addition to 66 vehicle sets for trolleybuses, a large consignment of trolleybuses with autonomous travel distance will be delivered by Trolza for their use in the Southern Federal District. We are not going to stop at what has been accomplished and actively present the products of Liotech-Innovations Ltd. at leading international technological exhibitions. For example, by the end of the year the number of electric transport with increased autonomous travel distance equipped with LIAB’s produced by Liotech-Innovations will be approximately 150 units. Liotech-Innovations Ltd is busy with work, the number of employees at the enterprise is increasing and has already reached 200 persons”, noted the General Director of Liotech-Innovations Ltd. Valery Yarmoshchuk.

Liotech supplies the energy market. In early 2017, another RUSNANO portfolio company Hevel launched the hybrid electric power plant (AHEP) in Menza village, Trans-Baikal Territory, Russia. AHEP consists of solar modules of 120 kW in total power, and two diesel generators of 200 kW each. The accumulator cells for the power storage device with 300 kWh capacity produced by Liotech were used for the electric power plant development. As planned, in 2017, Hevel will build two more hybrid electric power plants in the Trans-Baikal Territory, Russia, where Liotech power storage devices can also be used as a completely finished containerized product, including all electronic and control systems (the supplier’s choice will be defined upon the tender). The latest plant’s innovations will be used for Liotech power storage devices with a full quality assurance.

Furthermore, the Russian producers of commercial transport vehicles inquire delivery of LIAB sets both for electric motor vehicles, electric buses, and special equipment. At this moment, the finished solutions for other specialized machinery are also being developed, in particular, for the mining industry.

In early June, Liotech-Innovations took part in the International Specialized Exhibition of Mining Technologies named “Coal of Russia and Mining 2017”, where more than 400 companies, including more than 100 foreign manufacturers of vehicles and mining equipment, showed their developments. At that exhibition Liotech-Innovations presented its LIAB in RV for AM8D mining electric locomotive. Foreign partners—equipment manufacturers showed interest in respect of the company’s products noting the sustainability of implementation and development of lithium-ion technologies in the nearest 20 years.

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