Hevel Will Increase the Industrial Ability of the Plant to 250 MW by the End of 2018

09 November 2017

The Hevel Group (a joint venture of the Renova Group and RUSNANO) has begun to realize the second stage of modernizing the production line at the Novocheboksarsk plant. The manufacturing ability of the complex will increase from 160 MW to 250 MW solar modules per year.

The cost of the new project is around 2 billion rubles, of which 500 million rubles will be provided after signing the contract by the Industrial Development Fund (IDF) in the form of a soft loan. In November 2017, the Expert Council of the IDF approved a second loan for the company

“The next stage of expanding production will allow us to launch unifacial and bifacial heterostructural modules of 72 solar cells, which will increase the average power of one module to more than 400W,” said Igor Shakhrai, General Director of the Hevel Group.

Earlier, in the second quarter of 2017, the Hevel Group successfully completed the first stage of modernizing its technological line and began production of solar modules utilizing a fundamentally new technology, heterostructural. Different from most analogues, it is distinguished by the most efficient power generation: the average efficiency of the cells is more than 22%. In addition, new modules work more effectively at high and low temperatures, which significantly expands the geographic area of their operation. The first stage of modernization also took place with a 300 million ruble loan at 5% per annum.


The Hevel Group (founded in 2009) is the largest Russian integrated company in the solar energy sector. The company includes a production facility (a photovoltaic module production plant in the city of Novocheboksarsk, Chuvash Republic), a development unit (for the design and construction of solar power plants) and a Science and Technology Centre for Thin-Film Energetics Technologies (in St. Petersburg), which is the largest specialist scientific organization in Russia focusing on research and development in the field of photovoltaics. Since 2017 Hevel has been producing solar modules in its factory, using its own heterostructure technology. The factory’s current production capacity is 160 MW, and it is planned that the company’s output of solar modules will increase to 260 MW a year in 2019.

Detailed information available at www.hevelsolar.com