The Optical Current Transformer of the RUSNANO Portfolio Company Profotech Has Passed the First Stage of Testing at the IREQ, Canada

15 November 2017

In autumn 2017, the current transformer (CT) in the bussed version of the TTEO-SH produced by PROFOTECH JSC was tested in the Canadian laboratory IREQ (Montreal, Canada).

The work was carried out on the order of the Canadian company HydroQuebec, which is interested in an objective comparison of the characteristics of optical current transfomers from the world's leading manufacturers. The invitation of PROFOTECH as a participant in the program confirms the global level of the company's products.

Mindful of the requirements and wishes of the North American market, PROFOTECH specialists developed a special version of the transformer for the 60 Hz network, which has been included in the product line.

PROFOTECH products successfully passed the first stage of testing, which included an accuracy class compliance verification, frequency range test, higher harmonics transfer verification, signal-to-noise ratio testing, time synchronization test, and a test of time measurement and packet delivery.

According to Maksim Yanin, Director of Development and Chief of the Testing Center at PROFOTECH JSC, who was present at the testing: “On a number of parameters, Russian equipment exceeds the requirements of HydroQuebec. For example, it has a resulting digital output stream of 256 samples for the industrial frequency period, over the required 80. The same is true for accuracy. Our equipment has confirmed the metrological accuracy of the 0.2s class in the entire range of current measurement, exceeding the required accuracy of 0.5.”

In the middle of the fourth quarter of 2017, testing will continue in regards to verifying compatibility with RPEA systems in compliance with the requirements of HydroQuebec.