RUSNANO’s Portfolio Company Nanolek: 2017 Results

13 February 2018

In 2017 the company demonstrated the results of its active growth on the market. LLC Nanolek’s turnover in 2017 was 3 times higher than in 2016 and stood at 2.6 billion rubles. Experts from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation also commended the company’s dynamic growth as Nanolek became a participant in the ministry’s priority project “Supporting hi tech company-leaders in the private sector” (“National Champions”).

In 2017, the number of packaged pharmaceuticals produced at the Nanolek production facility in the Kirov region increased by 20 % to 8.1 million packages. In order to meet the needs of the National Prophylactic Vaccination Program (NPVP), a complete production cycle for the inactivated polio vaccine was developed and 1.5 million vaccines supplied. In addition, the step-by-step technology transfer for the production of the 5-in-1 combination vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur continues. This year the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation purchased more than 1 million 5-in-1 combination vaccines for inoculating children at risk.

The growth in its production indicators can also be attributed to the fact that in 2017, the company launched two additional production lines in order to increase manufacturing of solid dosage forms thus increasing its production capabilities by more than 2-fold. Manufacturing capabilities of all the production lines for solid dosage forms equal 3 billion tablets per year. The company’s solid dosage form portfolio includes full cycle products under contracts with Merck, OTCPharm and AKRIKHIN as well as in-house antiviral, antihistamine and cardiovascular medications. The company plans to increase both contract and in-house medication production to 30 million packages in 2018.

In 2017, RIEMSER Pharma GmbH, a German pharmaceutical company, and the Bioscience business unit of SK Chemicals, one of the largest South Korean vaccine manufacturers and developers, became Nanolek’s strategic partners in localizing innovative pharmaceuticals in Russia and ensuring their availability on the local market. Nanotek partnered with RIEMSER to promote a medication that is part of a combined drug therapy for a bone marrow transplant; and with the South Korean unit to develop and produce vaccines for NPVP’s needs. In addition, Nanolek, in partnership with the South Korean company Green Cross finished registering its innovative product, Idursulfase beta, for treating Hunter syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis II). The company sees growth prospects in a new direction, orphan diseases, whose development should benefit patients.

Higher demand for the company’s products and the expansion of its portfolio resulted in an increase in staff members from 370 people in 2016 to 491 in 2017. Approximately 440 employees work at Nanolek’s biomedical complex, located in the Kirov region. Furthermore, Nanolek is involved in developing the Industrial Cluster in the Kirov region aimed at improving internal collaboration in the areas of education, science and production of immunobiological pharmaceuticals.

Vladimir Khristenko, Nanolek’s President, said: “A significant number of projects, which we’ve been working on over the past 5 years, started to bear fruit in 2017. This can be attributed to our production readiness, as we’ve been launching and loading sections of the solid dosage form and biopharmaceutical production lines, as well as the market- and even country-wide demand for our products. We’re proud to be a reliable partner to our government and the community, having implemented timely polio vaccine deliveries in times of its world-wide shortage. In 2018, we plan to strengthen our position in our chosen directions: vaccines, medications to treat orphan diseases and antiviral therapy. The company has continued to invest in its portfolio by conducting clinical trials and registering new medications, with investment levels reaching 350 million rubles in 2018.”


NANOLEK is a modern and rapidly growing Russian biopharmaceutical company with its own high-quality full-cycle production lines that meet GMP standards. It specialises in the domestic production of innovative medicines developed by itself or by foreign partners that it has recruited, with a focus on preventative medicine and the treatment of illnesses of significant social concern. The company is now one of Russia’s leading producers of paediatric vaccines.

NANOLEK’s diversified product portfolio covers a number of clinical categories, including vaccines and HIV and oncology drugs. The company has unrivalled experience in the transfer of technologies through partnerships with leading world pharmaceutical companies (Merck, Sanofi, Novartis, Egis, Aspen, Celltrion, Riemser and others).

RUSNANO has been an investor in NANOLEK since the company was founded in 2011.

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