Geosplit, Portfolio Company of RUSNANO Sistema SICAR Fund, to Test 10 Gas Wells in China

05 April 2019

The Russian oil services company Geosplit has successfully completed laboratory testing in China of a new technology for the long-term monitoring of gas wells, and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the largest private oil services company, Anton Oil, on the implementation of a pilot programme to test 10 gas wells in 2019.

In accordance with the work programme, long-term testing of 10 gas wells will take place after multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in which quantum markers developed by Geosplit will be used to diagnose the profile of leaks without recourse to downhole operations.

Geosplit research laboratory

Geosplit research laboratory

Geosplit has developed a new technology—gas markers which can provide a continuous inflow of data on the productivity of well intervals on multiple occasions over a period of several years without the need to pause or alter the operation of the well. The technology developed by Geosplit can be used to digitise the gas deposit, and by using Geosplit’s data in conjunction with geological information it is possible to increase efficiency not only for specific wells but for the deposit as a whole, while also resolving the issue of localisation of remaining resources.

China is currently prioritising the development of its own production capacity in the shale gas sector, and as a result the application of new technologies is a timely issue, and one in which there is a lot of interest. The new technical solution developed by Geosplit to test gas wells has proved its value in the Asian market.

Geosplit marker granulate

Geosplit marker granulate

This is Geosplit’s second major project in China: earlier it signed an agreement with the oil service company Haimo to introduce a diagnostic marker system for oil wells, for CNPC, the Chinese national oil corporation.

Alexander Katashov, General Director of Geosplit: “Geosplit has invested a great deal in upgrading its existing products and services, and also in the development of new ones. Geosplit’s gas markers allow clients to carry out long-term regular monitoring of gas well productivity intervals, which is a major market segment for us. It is interesting to note that our Chinese clients are launching their pilot programme to test our gas well solutions before our Russian customers. We are very glad that our Asian partners appreciate the advantages of this innovative approach, both in technical terms, and in terms of the clear economic benefit to be gained from introducing Geosplit’s technology.”


GeoSplit is a high-tech full-cycle oilfield services company, a developer of technologies for production logging based on quantum markers; it is a Skolkovo Foundation resident company.

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