NovaMedica, a RUSNANO Portfolio Company, and the American Unipharm Inc. Reach Agreement on Local Production of Melaxen® in Russia

25 July 2019

The Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica (an investment project of RUSNANO Management Company) and the American pharmaceutical corporation Unipharm have started work on a joint project for the local production in Russia of Melaxen®, a medicine to improve patients’ circadian rhythms. Hundreds of thousands of packets of the medicine a year will be produced, enough to fully meet the needs of all patients living in the EAEU.

NovaMedica Innotekh

Photograph provided by NovaMedica

This will be the first time Unipharm has localised the production of one of its portfolio medicines in Russia. For NovaMedica Innotekh this is an important large long-term project to start production on a commercial basis with an international partner.

The production technologies and quality control procedures for Melaxen will be transferred to NovaMedica Innotekh immediately. Then, after the completion of the necessary regulatory procedures, the R&D centre’s production facilities will start full-cycle manufacturing of the ready-to-use medicine. Russian-made Melaxen will be available to doctors and patients in EAEU countries as early as 2020.

“We know how demanding Unipharm is in terms of production quality, and how much care it took in selecting a partner for production under licence in Russia. So we are proud they chose our company, in view of its professionalism, flexibility and technical infrastructure,” said Alexander Rudko, Head of the NovaMedica Innotekh R&D centre.

Nikolai Anishchenko, Unipharm Russia’s CEO, stressed the importance of the project: “The decision to start local production is a strategic step for our company. It is absolutely consistent with our long-term development plans, both in Russia and elsewhere in the EAEU. Our partnership with NovaMedica Innotekh will enable us to make modern healthcare more accessible and help provide Russians with high-quality up-to-date and affordable medicines, as well as creating more jobs.”

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NovaMedica Innotekh (a 100%-owned subsidiary of NovaMedica) is a rapidly growing Russian pharmaceutical R&D centre which was opened in the Moscow Technopolis in 2017. The technological centre specialises in the development, introduction and production of innovative, competitive and effective medicines, and provides a full range of services on the pharmaceutical industry market in full compliance with Russian and EAEU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. NovaMedica Innotekh’s unique research and production equipment enables the company to modify the pharmacological properties of medicines, make changes to the bioaccessibility and other properties of their active ingredients or combine several active ingredients in a single medicine and launch commercial production of the medicines in its own facilities. Much of the technology used in the production process is unique in the Russian pharmaceutical sector.

The R&D Centre’s production and laboratory capacities enable it to scale up technological processes and perform the transfer of technology, the production of test versions of medicines for clinical trials and the commercial release of solid medicines.

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Unipharm Inc. (USA) is a private pharmaceutical company that specialises in the development, production and sale of high-quality medicines and dietary supplements. Founded in 1992, it has grown dynamically to become one of the leading companies in the over-the-counter medicine sector, providing millions of patients in many different countries with high-quality medicines and multivitamin and mineral supplements.

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