OCSiAl Included in Crunchbase Global Unicorn Company List

04 September 2019

OCSiAl, a RUSNANO portfolio company, has been included in the list of unicorn companies according to Crunchbase (The Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard), the world’s leading database on investment in innovative companies. The list features privately owned companies that received investment estimates of $1 bln or more. It comprises 496 unicorn companies from all over the world with a combined worth of $1.8 trln, which attracted a total of more than $370 bln in investment.

For OCSiAl, a producer of high-quality graphene nanotubes, this is the second confirmation of its unicorn company status by the global venture capital community. In June 2019, the innovative additive manufacturer was included in the list of companies with an estimated value of more than $1 bln according to CBInsights (The Global Unicorn Club). The company is the only unicorn in the Industrial category.

OCSiAl is the first company in RUSNANO’s investment portfolio whose capitalization amounts to $1 bln. According to these estimates, A&NN, the investment group of Alexander Mamut, purchased 0.5% of OCSiAl for $5 mln from JSC RUSNANO in January 2019. “We are confident that, in the long-term, OCSiAl will continue to grow in value and we are assessing the possibility of increasing our stake in this company,” Rafael Abramyan, the Investment Director at A&NN, stated.

RUSNANO was the first external investor to believe in the Russian team of founders and their graphene nanotube technology. Since then, OCSiAl has attracted about $200 mln from Russian and foreign investors. In total, RUSNANO has invested more than $20 mln in the project, starting with financing the first synthesis unit in Novosibirsk. “OCSiAl, a manufacturer of graphene nanotubes, is the first and so far the only unicorn company in our country in the material based sector. And this is a unicorn company in the fullest sense of the word; it began as a startup in the Academy Town of Novosibirsk with a very ambitious idea: create an absolutely new material of the future; and then it grew into a global market leader,” Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company, said.

OCSiAl is the first company that managed to synthesize high-quality graphene nanotubes on an industrial scale. When the company entered the market in 2014, it offered consumers graphene nanotubes at a price 75 times lower than the then market price, thus opening up access to nanotubes for a number of industries. The company is rapidly increasing production and planning to launch the world’s largest graphene nanotube synthesis plant in Luxembourg in 2022. The company’s customers include global car manufacturers, electronics market leaders and large chemical groups.

The OCSiAl revenue doubles annually, and, according to nanotechnology experts, the demand for graphene nanotubes in the near future is expected to grow dramatically due to their use in mass-produced products. At the end of 2018, OCSiAl accounted for more than 95% of the global sales of the innovative additive.

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Graphene nanotubes are called a material of the future; their addition within a few tenths or even hundredths of a percent can radically change the properties of well-known materials. Heavy-duty and conductive, they are widely used in aerospace and automotive industries, construction, mining, electronics and transportation. The most rapid and spectacular introduction of graphene nanotubes will take place in the field of electric transport: nanotubes allow to increase its energy efficiency up to 60% and make it truly mass-produced. Nanotubes make it possible to reduce energy consumption simultaneously at all stages of the product life cycle: by reducing the resources required for production, lowering the weight and amount of materials used, increasing the service life of products, energy consumption during operation and disposal.

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OCSiAl, a RUSNANO portfolio company, is a manufacturer of TUBALL™ single-walled carbon nanotubes, an innovative additive that improves the properties of most well-known materials. Nanotubes have advantages over other additives due to their exceptional characteristics: high conductivity (while 5 times lighter than copper), heat resistance (up to 1,000°C), durability (100 times stronger than steel) and others. A mere 0.01% of TUBALL™ allows you to radically change the specific properties of materials. OCSiAl’s range of concentrates makes it easy to work with nanotubes. TUBALL™ MATRIX makes the materials conductive without any negative impact on the colour of the finished product, improves rheological and physical and mechanical properties of elastomers, composites, coatings and batteries. The company accounts for 90% of the global single-walled nanotubes market. OCSiAl’s production capacity reaches 10 tonnes and will be increased to 60 tonnes by 2018. The company has representative offices in Russia, Luxembourg, the USA, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and India.

For additional information, please visit ocsial.com

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