Geosplit Successfully Conducts First Gas Well Surveys in China

25 February 2020

Geosplit (a Rusnano Sistema SICAR Fund portfolio company) continues its active work in the Asian market. In 2020, thanks to the new marker diagnostics development, the company was able to quantify the performance of horizontal gas wells without downhole operations for the first time in China (Linfen Gas Field, Shaanxi Province).

China’s Linfen Gas Field (Shaanxi Province)

China’s Linfen Gas Field (Shaanxi Province)

The Geosplit team has been carrying out projects at Chinese oil fields for several years in a row. This is due to the high level of confidence in Geosplit® technology from leading oil and gas and oilfield service companies in China. After obtaining informative results of oil well research, the Asian partners set a task to create gas well research technology due to the active development of the shale gas segment and field digitalization.

During the implementation of this project, Geosplit reached a new level. The technology development cycle from idea to implementation at the client’s sites took less than a year. The company was facing a number of serious technological challenges:

  • to create a new polymeric material that, when interacting with the gas, would steadily release markers into the gas flow over a long period of time. Moreover, this material must be resistant to aggressive environmental impacts and high temperatures
  • to develop a reliable sampling system that meets the strict safety standards of the gas industry and allows multiple sampling without the need to transport gas cylinders.

A pilot gas well research project using Geosplit gas markers was launched at the wells of the Linfen Gas Field in September 2019, when the carrier material for Geosplit® reporting markers was placed in the first wells during the stimulation work. In December, the first sampling from gas wells was carried out, and in early January, the customer responded positively to the results of the research. Thanks to the Geosplit® technology, the customer has access to a constant flow of data about the well interval productivity without the need to stop or change the well operation mode. Combining the research results obtained by the Geosplit laboratory with geological information gives the customers a fundamentally new approach, which allows planning an increase in the field productivity, localization of residual reserves and implementation of production digitalization projects.

The first work on gas wells demonstrated a high convergence of the marker diagnostics data with gas saturation studies obtained when drilling. The next step is dynamic monitoring of interval performance, assessment of hydraulic fracturing and well injection system’s efficiency.

In addition to the work planned in China on some of the largest oil and gas fields, Geosplit is planning to carry out offshore gas field projects in the Middle East over the next year, which will require adapting gas sampling equipment to meet maritime safety standards.

Anna Belova, Director of International Business Development at Geosplit: “The project at Linfen Field once again confirmed the professionalism and cohesion of the Geosplit team. Before China, the company had no experience of using the technology on gas wells. Technology testing is always associated with certain risks, including reputational ones. Pilot operation with new partners whose confidence is not yet linked to the success of previous projects is even more difficult. The first results of the gas well survey give us certainty that the promises made to the Chinese partner will be fulfilled with good quality and promptly.”

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Geosplit is a hi-tech full-cycle oil services company, which develops technical markers to assess conditions inside oil and gas wells for the oil industry. It is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. 

The innovative GEOSPLIT® technology can diagnose and monitor horizontal well inflow profiles. The technology is based on quantum reporter markers®, and makes use of machine learning algorithms to automate the interpretation of well fluid analysis results.

The company’s main activities include: commercial research projects involving testing well inflow profiles, as well as R&D.

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