Belgorod Patients Can Get Thrombodynamics Test Under Compulsory Medical Insurance Policy

19 March 2020

HemaCore, a RUSNANO Portfolio company, and the St. Joasaph Belgorod Regional Clinical Hospital (OGBUZ) will conduct a pilot project on the use of the Thrombodynamics method. The innovative study of blood coagulation system will be available to citizens in the departments of the medical institution free of charge, with a doctor’s referral and upon presentation of the compulsory medical insurance policy. The costs of the test under the pilot project will be shared by HemaCore and the clinic.

Belgorod doctors will be able to use the thrombodynamics test to assess the state of the haemostasis system in patients with oncohaematological diseases after major surgery, as well as in patients with complicated obstetric history. In addition, the indications for thrombodynamics tests will include other pathologies with a high percentage of thrombotic and haemorrhagic complications at the discretion of the doctors at the medical institution.

As part of the pilot project, HemaCore will install equipment at the St. Joasaph Clinical Hospital, supply the necessary consumables, and train the laboratory staff to perform the thrombodynamics test. Following the results of the pilot project, the parties will determine the quantitative need for the diagnostic service and develop a programme to introduce the test into the healthcare system of the Belgorod Region as early as 2021.

CEO of HemaCore Ilya Spiridonov: “The doctors at the St. Joasaph Hospital are great enthusiasts of their work. We are very pleased with the opportunity to work with them and are confident that the cooperation will benefit both parties and, most importantly, the people of Belgorod. The Belgorod Region has been another region in Russia and the first in the Central Federal District where our original method of blood coagulation system diagnostics will be available to patients free of charge under the state healthcare system. We expect that the introduction of the thrombodynamics method into the practice of the leading medical institution in the region will improve the quality of monitoring and treatment of patients with blood clotting disorders and prevent possible complications.”

RUSNANO portfolio company HemaCore manufactures and implements innovative diagnostic systems for the study of haemostasis. The Thrombodynamics method expands the possibility of assessing the risks of thrombosis, which is the basic mechanism of the three leading cardiovascular disasters: heart attack, stroke and venous thromboembolism. Based on the results of the test, the doctor can assess the adequacy and adjust the previously prescribed therapy and thus prevent life-threatening complications: bleeding and thrombosis.

This original design is based on many years of fundamental work on the study of blood clotting mechanisms. The thrombodynamics test is available in more than 130 clinics in Russia; since 2012, more than 250 thousand tests have been conducted.

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