The Mordovian Nanocenter Has Started Producing a Better Alternative to the Imported Penetrating Lubricant

26 March 2020

Zhidkiy Klyuch Nano4

The TMT startup from the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia launched serial production of the Zhidkiy Klyuch Nano4 (Liquid Key Nano4) multipurpose penetrating lubricant. The first batch was dispatched to wholesale consumers. The lubricant is already available in retail in a number of marketplaces, such as OZON.RU.

Zhidkiy Klyuch Nano4 is marketed as an improved alternative to the famous WD-40 American penetrating lubricant used both by professionals and in everyday life in various difficult situations when working with metals, for example, to unscrew the rusted nut or to open the jammed lock.

Tests have shown that the multipurpose Zhidkiy Klyuch Nano4 was superior to its famous competitor in several parameters, such as penetrating and lubricating properties, the duration of metal protection from corrosion, adhesion to the treated surface, and indelibility. Besides, the domestic product lacks harmful volatile substances. The lower price is a significant competitive advantage of the new product. 

The author of the development is a young entrepreneur Nikita Mamontov from Izhevsk, the arms capital of Russia. Maybe that’s why his Friction Modification Technologies company (TMT) has been creating various innovative oils and lubricants in Saransk for several years using nanoadditives for sports, hunting, and combat weapons.

Earlier this year, in addition to the multipurpose penetrating lubricant, TMT launched two more new products: silicone lubricant for use in the automotive industry and everyday life, as well as molybdenum lubricant with the increased protection against wear and tear of metal mechanisms at extreme temperatures. This is the third range expansion of the innovative company producing professional cleaning agents, lubricants, and preserve materials. Now its portfolio includes more than 30 products.


The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was established in 2010 in accordance with Federal Law No. 211-FZ “On reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies.” The Fund aims to develop the innovative infrastructure in the sphere of nanotechnology and implement the educational and infrastructure programs already started by RUSNANO.

The supreme collegial management body of the Fund is the Supervisory Board. Under the Fund’s Charter, the competence of the Supervisory Council, in particular, includes the issues of determining the priority directions of the Fund’s activity, as well as its strategy and budget. The Chairman of the Fund’s Executive Board, the collegial management body, is the Chairman of the Board of Management Company RUSNANO LLC Sergey Kulikov.

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The Republic of Mordovia Centre for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials is a member of the investment network established by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, which is engaged in establishing and then selling of production start-ups in material-based industries. The network-based approach to the organization of nanocentres makes it possible to concentrate developments and infrastructure in the single most appropriate location, so that it can be accessed a number of the region’s ecosystems simultaneously. It specializes mainly in such areas as power electronics, lighting technology, instrument engineering and nanotechnology products for the construction industry.

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