RUSNANO Group Funds Study of Blood Coagulation System in Patients with COVID-19

14 May 2020

RUSNANO Group has allocated RUB 4 mln to the National Association of Primary Immunodeficiency Experts (NAPIE) to support a clinical test aimed at studying the state of the blood coagulation system in patients with COVID-19. Russian scientists assume that it is possible to avoid severe manifestations of the disease by monitoring the state of the coagulation system via timely detection of hypercoagulation changes and controlled administration of anticoagulant drugs that correct excessive blood clotting. A high-precision Thrombodynamics test produced by HemaCore, a RUSNANO portfolio company, is used, among other things, to diagnose the haemostasis system.

Исследование системы свертывания крови у пациентов с COVID-19 компании «ГемКор»

The RUSNANO donation is aimed at providing volunteers directly involved in the study with personal protective equipment, compensation for their costs of living in isolation and moving to clinical sites, as well as compliance with other necessary personal and public safety measures.

It is arranged by the Center for Theoretical Problems of Physical and Chemical Pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Oncology, Hematology and Radiotherapy of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. The study involves several large medical institutions in Moscow focused on the treatment of patients with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection, such as the Federal State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences” (Troitsk), State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “City Clinical Hospital No. 40 of the Moscow Healthcare Department”, State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “V.V. Vinogradov City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Healthcare Department”, State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “I.V. Davydovsky City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Healthcare Department”, and others.

The study’s purpose is to reveal whether hypercoagulation leads to deterioration of patients’ condition up to the development of critical consequences and determine an effective scheme for correcting excessive blood clotting in COVID-19. The Thrombodynamics test is one of the few laboratory methods that can detect blood clotting disorders with high sensitivity and help the doctor assess the effectiveness of anticoagulant treatment. It is assumed that Thrombodynamics test can become a good predictive tool for detecting patients with a negative prognosis at the early stages of the disease even before the clinical manifestations of complications. This will help prevent the progression of the disease and reduce the number of patients requiring intensive care, thus improving treatment results and reducing the burden on hospitals and the healthcare system as a whole.

The study is planned to be completed by the end of May 2020, after which, if successful, the practice of using the Thrombodynamics test to diagnose the haemostasis system in patients with coronavirus infection may be extended to the regions of the Russian Federation.

Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company: “Finding an effective way to prevent the severe consequences of coronavirus infection is an extremely urgent task for healthcare. We are proud that high-precision diagnostics from HemaCore is used as part of an important clinical test on blood clotting and can help in the treatment of this dangerous disease. It would have been impossible to launch the study quickly if it were not for the dozens of volunteers who came to help in the laboratories of Moscow medical institutions leaving their homes for a few weeks to do so. Among them are young doctors, biologists and chemists, and we considered it our duty to help in arranging the safest possible conditions for working with the blood of patients with COVID-19, which is a potentially dangerous material.”

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