A “Green” Standard for Energy Efficient Solar Panels Has Been Adopted

09 June 2020

Rosstandard has approved a “green” preliminary national standard (PNST) for photovoltaic monocrystal modules, which are used in the creation of solar power panels. The document was drawn up as part of the activities of the Green Products and Technology Subcommittee of the TK 366 Technical Committee on Standardization with the support of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

The standard establishes the criteria and indicators of photovoltaic modules sufficient to classify them as “green” products and confirm compliance in the form of the “green” products ranking. The standard applies to monocrystalline photovoltaic terrestrial modules consisting of photovoltaic cells designed for electricity systems in the industry, agriculture, and household conditions.

The PNST can be used by production companies and research teams performing work in the field of photovoltaics and by specialists involved in the regulatory provision of domestic solar energy. The standard promotes the competitiveness of environmental innovations aimed at ensuring a safe and supportive environment for human health and the environment, including the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, the management and reproduction of natural resources, and the prevention of negative impacts on the environment.

Yury Tkachuk, Director of the Department for Standardization of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs: “The economic effect is expected through the application of the standard while promoting to new markets of environmentally oriented innovative products produced by various Russian enterprises. The higher the rank of “green” products is, the higher the chances are to take a place in environmental markets, including state-supported procurement for state needs.”

The PNST project has been developed as per the main provisions of the Federal Law No. 162-FZ of 29.06.2015 “On Standardization in the Russian Federation”, the fundamental national standards of the Russian Federation, as well as the fundamental “green” PNST.

The new “green” standard will come into force on August 1, 2020.

With the participation of the Department for Standardization of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, 440 national and interstate standards for nanoproducts have been developed; 680 documents on the quality, safety, ecology and innovation of products, technologies, facilities, and management systems of enterprises have been issued; Russian enterprises have received 66 certificates for green products and 12 opinions confirming the carbon footprint reduction.


The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was established in 2010 in accordance with Federal Law No. 211-FZ “On reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies.” The Fund aims to develop the innovative infrastructure in the sphere of nanotechnology and implement the educational and infrastructure programs already started by RUSNANO.

The supreme collegial management body of the Fund is the Supervisory Board. Under the Fund’s Charter, the competence of the Supervisory Council, in particular, includes the issues of determining the priority directions of the Fund’s activity, as well as its strategy and budget. The Chairman of the Fund’s Executive Board, the collegial management body, is the Chairman of the Board of Management Company RUSNANO LLC Sergey Kulikov.