The Astra Linux Group of Companies and Baikal Electronics JSC Have Signed a Cooperation Agreement

17 August 2020

The memorandum of cooperation between Astra Linux and Baikal Electronics has been signed. The parties have agreed to expand cooperation in the development and production of domestic software and hardware solutions, as well as to ensure their compatibility before entering the market and forming a special loyal pricing program for Russian custome

The Astra Linux Group of Companies, the developer of domestic operating systems and virtualization platforms, and Baikal Electronics, the developer of Russian processors of the Baikal family, announce the conclusion of a cooperation agreement aimed at developing cooperation in creating software and hardware solutions, as well as hybrid technology stacks.

As part of the signed memorandum, the Astra Linux Group of Companies began to release special versions of operating systems adapted for all new processors and chips manufactured by Baikal Electronics. The development of compatible OS releases will now take place as quickly as possible since samples of new products will be provided to Astra Linux professionals before the final release stage. As a result, consumers will immediately receive ready-made and proven hardware and software systems, and they will not need to spend their resources on finding and testing compatible options.

In addition, these versions of operating systems, complete with devices based on Baikal Electronics solutions, will be available on more favorable terms than those offered when buying OS licenses for foreign processors.

As of today, the release of the protected Astra Linux Special Edition operating system, designed for use with the Baikal-M processor, the latest development of Baikal Electronics, is already available for order. The Baikal-M processor is a so-called 28-nm crystal-based system based on eight 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 (ARMv8-A) cores; four clusters of two cores each, with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz and an eight-core Mali-T628 graphics processor with a frequency of up to 700 MHz. The experts of both manufacturers conducted a set of tests, the results of which have fully confirmed the consistent work of the joint solution. The release was developed and debugged on Edelweiss boards built on Baikal-M processors.

“The release of Astra Linux on our Baikal-M processor is a very important step for the development of the Russian IT market as a whole and the Baikal ecosystem as part of it,” says Andrey Evdokimov, CEO of Baikal Electronics. “It is all the more gratifying that we are talking about software solutions developed by one of the leaders of the Russian software industry. In the near future, we expect to see on the market completely Russian computers from our partners, built on the basis of Baikal processors and using the Astra Linux operating systems, competitive both in terms of user characteristics and cost.”

“The demand for Russian IT products grows every day. Today, it is becoming especially critical to build effective interaction between software companies and computer manufacturers. Timely response to the current market demands and the creation of competitive software and hardware solutions that meet all the requirements of import substitution are the main tasks of all leading developers. The agreement with Baikal Electronics will allow us to seriously advance in expanding the market for equipment based on domestic processors in terms of Russian operating systems,” sums up Ilya Sivtsev, General Director of the Astra Linux Group of Companies.


Baikal Electronics is a joint venture between the T-Platforma Russian supercomputer developer and the T-Nano nanocenter of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. The company specializes in the design of the ARM- and MIPS-based integrated chips and crystal systems. The company’s developments are designed for use in the energy-efficient computer and industrial systems with different performance and functionality.

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