The Flexbright Oy Startup Has Offered Antibacterial Lighting for Store Shelves

19 September 2020

The Flexbright Oy technology company, the Russian-Finnish startup of the Mordovian Nanocenter, markets new Lumenasafe antibacterial lighting technology. This solution will allow, in particular, to improve the safety of counters in grocery stores. Possible applications also include other public places and health care. The Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia is part of the investment network of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

The Lumenasafe lighting technology is based on the antimicrobial effects of certain safe wavelengths of visible light combined with light-active surfaces. The first application of the final product on the market is represented by a glowing glass panel, which can become part of, for example, meat and fish counters. The glass panel illuminates the products sold, providing an antimicrobial effect, preventing bacteria and mold from appearing on the surface of the products, while disinfecting the environment. The lighting system is used in tandem with photoactive surface coating thereby enhancing the antibacterial effect.

“The key advantage of Lumenasafe is that we can integrate special lighting solutions into different planes to provide the necessary lighting while decontaminating and cleaning both surfaces and air. Accordingly, this technology has a double effect,” says Juha Rantala, one of the Lumenasafe developers, entrepreneur, and investor.

The disinfecting light generated by Lumenasafe technology is safe for people, the environment, and food. It is also a reliable and environmentally friendly option: a glowing surface can be permanently turned on without the need for chemical additives or interchangeable filters. The antibacterial effects of light, especially the blue one, are widely studied, and the technology is already commercially available worldwide. The Lumenasafe film special lighting technology, which can be easily integrated into any surface, allows these effects to be used in wider and more diverse applications.

Lumenasafe can be installed not only in grocery store counters, but also in buffets, warehouse or production facilities, hotels, elevators, and other public places.

“Flexbright introduces well-researched and secure technologies in a new way, leading to the creation of Lumenasafe. Printed electronics allows the integration of electronic components into the glass and other surfaces, creating large-area modern lighting and electronic structures. The development is based on integration, reliability, and security,” says Flexbright CEO Pekka Makkonen.


The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was established in 2010 in accordance with Federal Law No. 211-FZ “On reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies.” The Fund aims to develop the innovative infrastructure in the sphere of nanotechnology and implement the educational and infrastructure programs already started by RUSNANO.

The supreme collegial management body of the Fund is the Supervisory Board. Under the Fund’s Charter, the competence of the Supervisory Council, in particular, includes the issues of determining the priority directions of the Fund’s activity, as well as its strategy and budget. The Chairman of the Fund’s Executive Board, the collegial management body, is the Chairman of the Board of Management Company RUSNANO LLC Sergey Kulikov.

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The Republic of Mordovia Centre for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials is a member of the investment network established by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, which is engaged in establishing and then selling of production start-ups in material-based industries. The network-based approach to the organization of nanocentres makes it possible to concentrate developments and infrastructure in the single most appropriate location, so that it can be accessed a number of the region’s ecosystems simultaneously. It specializes mainly in such areas as power electronics, lighting technology, instrument engineering and nanotechnology products for the construction industry.

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Flexbright Oy has been developing and manufacturing next-generation printed and structural electronics products for several years. In Finland, Flexbright’s client is NSG Pilkington Automotive Finland, in whose buses and trains Flexbright has introduced LEDFOIL information boards. The Lumenasafe technology has also been developed by entrepreneur Juha Rantala and his Asian development team with the extensive research and manufacturing experience in semiconductor technology and materials science. Currently, the company is actively looking for new pilot applications of Lumenasafe and other opportunities for cooperation.