Alisher Kalanov: The New Program to Support Renewable Energy Will Technologically Reformat the Market

09 December 2020

Alisher Kalanov, who is the director of the renewable energy investment division at RUSNANO Group, took part in the annual conference The Future of Renewable Energy in Russia, which is organized by Vedomosti newspaper. He talked about the technological challenges that renewable energy market participants will face in the upcoming years.

Alisher Kalanov, Head of Investment Division RES

According to Alisher Kalanov, the terms and conditions stipulated in the renewable energy support program (dubbed DPM VIE 2.0 in Russian) will launch a new mechanism that will cause every investor and technology partner to contemplate how to increase the efficiency of power generation equipment. “Since the new program, besides outlining the requirements for localization and exports, contains the requirements put forth for increasing efficiency, each of the players will need to analyze the capability that it has to present what is, in essence, a new wind turbine for the new program,” he stated. It needs to help boost productivity, and should fit into the economic CAPEX and OPEX restraints that are present in the financial models.

Alisher Kalanov emphasized that this is a challenge that will help foster a certain technological development, as well as technological alignment with the processes taking place all over the world.

Another global challenge that will affect this technological reformatting for the market is green hydrogen. “We feel that this topic will become a pressing one much more quickly than we expected. And the documents that we are seeing today, along with the requests submitted by our contractor organizations, have allowed us to realize that the first pilot projects will begin to take shape as early as next year,” said Alisher Kalanov, adding that for its part green hydrogen - in conjunction with wind energy - will lead to the development of a new cluster in Russia: offshore wind power. According to him, this is an additional area of focus for technology that will also assume a distinct form in Russia starting next year.

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