WRS Towers Produced a Record Number of Wind Turbine Towers in 2020

11 February 2021

The Taganrog-based company WRS Towers, a RUSNANO portfolio company, produced a record number of towers for wind turbines in 2020: 145 units. Since production was first launched at the end of 2018 the company has delivered a total of 267 towers.

WRS Towers Produced a Record Number of Wind Turbine Towers in 2020

This result represents an important milestone for the company. The wind turbines constructed using these 267 towers will be able to provide a rated capacity of 1,000 MW of “green” electricity.

WRS Towers LLC was established in December 2018. It is jointly owned by Windar Renovables (51%), RUSNANO (24.5%) and Severstal (24.5%). The project is being performed by means of special investment contracts (SPIC) concluded between the Russian Federation, the Rostov Region, Severstal PAO and WRS Towers. Currently the company uses 82% of the materials and components manufactured in the Russian Federation.

The key customers include Siemens Gamesa Renewables Energy LLC and Vestas Rus LLC, which purchase the towers for their wind turbines.

Green power stations using equipment produced by the Taganrog-based company have already been constructed in the Kamensk, Azov and Upper Don districts of the Rostov Region. In total these account for more than 150 wind turbines. The company also plans to launch production for export.

More than RUB 1 bln have been invested in the development of WRS Towers since the company was established.

“This is an important landmark for the company and for the whole renewable power sector in Russia. In just a few years, we have managed to launch industrial-scale production of one of the main components of wind turbines, with a high degree of localization. This is the result of joint work, not only between investors—RUSNANO, Severstal and Windar Renovables, but also, and equally importantly, the government of the region. The Rostov Region has been playing an active role in the development of green energy for many years, and this has enabled it to attract investment, create new jobs, increase tax receipts and improve the structure of the energy mix and the environmental situation in the region,” said Alisher Kalanov, Head of the Renewable Energy Investment Division of RUSNANO Management Company, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of WRS Towers LLC.

“We are continuing to work on the production of wind turbine towers, which are growing in capacity all the time, and we are also working to ensure the maximum possible degree of localization for all components used in the production of wind turbines. The involvement of Severstal and RUSNANO in the foundation and development of Russia’s first producer of turbine towers for use in green energy projects has already made a significant contribution to reducing damage to the natural environment”, said Peter Spiridonov, General Director of WRS Towers.

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