Promobot and Its Partner Have Developed a New Generation Document Scanner

25 February 2021

Robot manufacturer Promobot and Smart Engines, an algorithms computer sight developer, have signed an agreement to launch the Promobot Scanner to scan documents and fill out forms automatically. The Far East High Technology Fund, established with the participation of RUSNANO, invested RUB 200 mln in Promobot in 2020.

Promobot Scanner is an automatic document scanning and form filling device.

The cooperation agreement between Promobot and Smart Engines is for three years.

Smart ID Engine, an optical recognition technology, is responsible for data recognition in Promobot Scanner, allowing organizations to process documents with personal and sensitive data without transmission to external services. The Promobot team developed hardware design and its hardware components. The production of scanners will be launched in Perm: Promobot will rework one of the robot assembly shops for this purpose. The Perm company will also be responsible for the sales and distribution of the product.

“Collaborative development helps you to take a look at products from a different angle. It’s an interesting and worthwhile experience when developers of computer sight algorithms and engineers who specialize in robots work together. The product is born at the junction of different competencies, experiences, and views for work, and this is priceless,” says Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director at Promobot.

Promobot Scanner scans documents, recognizes their details, and sends them to various information systems to automatically fill in the required fields. It reduces waiting time for visitors and time for filling in forms about nine times. Today, Promobot Scanner works with 15 types of documents: from Russian passports to marriage certificates. It supports handwritten passports and typewritten residence address stamps. So far, it has been integrated with Automated Identification System Multifunctional Center for Provision of State and Municipal Services, Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, 1C Company, and Infoclinika system for data export.

When a document is attached to the device’s scanning surface, its image is streamed to the recognition module for processing. Artificial Intelligence algorithms provide data extraction from the document and perform inter-frame integration of recognized details online. The process stops automatically, without human involvement, when the system is sure of the result. The time from the beginning of document recognition to data entry into the information system, considering the time for streaming, is about 5 seconds. The “pure” time of the document recognition on one frame takes less than a second.

“Promobot Scanner release is a story of cooperation between hardware and software developers, whose solutions are already in demand in Russia and the world market. This synergy will allow organizations to implement the best practices for automatic document processing and increase the level of client service in branch offices,” says Nikita Arlazarov, director of the special projects at Smart Engines.

The developers plan to launch about 3,000 new-generation scanners on the market in 2021 to be used in offices, medical clinics, banks, Multifunctional Centers for Provision of State and Municipal Services, and other areas where document filling is required. Today, more than 200 scanners have already been pre-purchased. The companies estimate that the total investment in the R&D project will be about RUB 80 mln.

Promobot robots work in 40 countries and serve as promoters, administrators, diagnosticians, concierges, and guides, replacing and supplementing ‘live’ employees. Promobots can be found in Sberbank, Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Walmart stores, the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Multifunctional Centers for Provision of State and Municipal Services in Moscow and Perm and other crowded areas.

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