NovaMedica R&D Centre Released the First Commercial Batch of Avifavir Antiviral Drugs

04 March 2021

The NovaMedica Innotech Technology Centre (a subsidiary of the NovaMedica pharmaceutical company, an investment project of RUSNANO) announces the release of the first commercial batch of Avifavir®, an antiviral drug, as part of a partnership with Kromis LLC, a joint venture of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and ChemRar Group.

The production level of Avifavir at NovaMedica Innotech will be 100,000 packs per month.

“Technology transfer was carried out efficiently and promptly thanks to hard work of the R&D division team and a well-suited production equipment profile. The first commercial series of the drug is at present ready for shipment,” Alexander Rudko, General Director of NovaMedica Innotech Technology Centre commented.

Technological lines used for manufacturing Avifavir pills are certified in accordance with the GMP requirements. All NovaMedica Innotech Technology Centre’s pharmaceutical quality system processes ensure the fabrication of a quality product. Quality control is conducted at each stage of the technological process, making it possible to assess the product’s compliance with the requirements of specifications and regulatory documents.

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NovaMedica Innotekh (a 100%-owned subsidiary of NovaMedica) is a rapidly growing Russian pharmaceutical R&D centre which was opened in the Moscow Technopolis in 2017. The technological centre specialises in the development, introduction and production of innovative, competitive and effective medicines, and provides a full range of services on the pharmaceutical industry market in full compliance with Russian and EAEU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. NovaMedica Innotekh’s unique research and production equipment enables the company to modify the pharmacological properties of medicines, make changes to the bioaccessibility and other properties of their active ingredients or combine several active ingredients in a single medicine and launch commercial production of the medicines in its own facilities. Much of the technology used in the production process is unique in the Russian pharmaceutical sector.

The R&D Centre’s production and laboratory capacities enable it to scale up technological processes and perform the transfer of technology, the production of test versions of medicines for clinical trials and the commercial release of solid medicines.

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