The TechnoSpark’s Biotechnological Start-Up Unveils Liquid Yeast Collection for Home Brewing

17 March 2021

The BeerGenomics biotech company (part of the TechnoSpark Group of the investment network of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) has opened sales of liquid yeast strains for brewing at home. A collection of genetically pure yeasts from BeerGenomics was presented for the first time on March 16 at Brau Beviale Moscow 2021.

“Liquid yeast is a professional product traditionally associated with expensive craft brews. Since it is liquid yeast that provides the special flavor and aroma of beer, we want to allow amateur brewers to experiment with liquid cultures in a convenient format and at an affordable price,” said Denis Nikitinsky, the BeerGenomics Commercial Director.

The liquid yeast concentrate for home brewing comes in sealed 30 ml capsules with a concentration of 40 bln cells. One capsule, costing less than RUB 500, is enough to brew 30 liters of beer.

The collection for home brewers includes 4 of the 25 strains available from BeerGenomics for craft breweries. This will allow a wide variety of beer to be brewed at home, namely Pilsner, Hefeweizen, English Ale, Irish Red Ale, and Staut. The strains are characterized by different fermentation temperatures, alcohol resistance, floc formation (flocculation), and the ability to ferment sugars (attenuation).

You can buy BeerGenomics liquid home brewing yeast from the manufacturer's website and specialist retailers. Each capsule comes with brewing instructions; consumers also receive online support from the BeerGenomics technologists.

The BeerGenomics yeast laboratory specializes in the professional cultivation of liquid yeast and the control over contamination of beer and raw materials using genetic methods. The start-up is part of the BioSpark industrial microbiology platform, which includes areas for biocorrosion control of oilfield equipment, diagnostics for sports lawns, and others.


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The TechnoSpark Group of Companies, a part of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, is involved in all aspects of venture creation: from establishing a start-up to its sale. The TechnoSpark Group of Companies is in the hardware industry, working in areas, such as robotics in logistics, energy storage systems, hi-tech medical equipment, diamond optics, braided composites, optical and industrial surfaces, genomics, industrial microbiology, thin-film integrated photovoltaics, additive technologies and flexible electronics. The Group of Companies is in first place according to the National rating of Russia’s most effective technology parks and was included in the National Rating of Russian Fast-growing Technology Companies, TechUp 2019. It is also a part of the community of startup studios, the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN).

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