Composite Materials from RUSNANO’s FIEP Nanocenter Have Been Used to Renovate KazAzot’s Factory Buildings

18 March 2021

The Nanotechnology Centre for Composites (NCC), which is part of the investment network of RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP), has become a supplier of materials used in the reconstruction of KazAzot JSC’s production facilities in Aktau, the Republic of Kazakhstan. High-strength CarbonWrap lamellas and carbon strips have been used to restore the load-bearing capacity of complexly constructed slabs in industrial buildings.

“The customer decided to use the CarbonWrap external reinforcement system to reinforce the slabs, as it is non-corrosive and does not weigh down the original structure. Compared to the traditional reinforcement with metal, the work with modern composites is 15-20% faster and costs less,” commented Vadim Galustyan, Head of Regional Sales Development at NCC, on the advantages of the innovative option of capital repairs.

KazAzot JSC is the Kazakhstan’s largest producer and exporter of ammonia and ammonium nitrate.

The CarbonWrap External Reinforcement System is intended for the repair and strengthening of building structures to eliminate the consequences of concrete destruction and corrosion of reinforcement as a result of prolonged exposure to natural factors and aggressive media. The use of composite materials at KazAzot’s facilities has allowed work to be carried out without the use of heavy machinery or welding. Moreover, this reinforcement does not increase the load on the structures being repaired and does not change their appearance and size.

NCC JSC has been successfully developing its export sales since 2014. Significant volumes of products used in highly responsible facilities for the restoration and repair of reinforced concrete structures are supplied to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.


The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was established in 2010 in accordance with Federal Law No. 211-FZ “On reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies.” The Fund aims to develop the innovative infrastructure in the sphere of nanotechnology and implement the educational and infrastructure programs already started by RUSNANO.

The supreme collegial management body of the Fund is the Supervisory Board. Under the Fund’s Charter, the competence of the Supervisory Council, in particular, includes the issues of determining the priority directions of the Fund’s activity, as well as its strategy and budget. The Chairman of the Fund’s Executive Board, the collegial management body, is the Chairman of the Board of Management Company RUSNANO LLC Sergey Kulikov.

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The Nanotechnology Center of Composites (NCC) is a joint venture between the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO Group) and DowAksa Advanced Composites Holdings BV (Dow Chemical). The company is a leading player in the composites market today, carrying out a full cycle of design and production of polymer composite products for various industries: design and strength calculations, material development, tooling manufacturing, painting, prototyping, testing, and certification. NCC invests in high-tech and industrial projects engaged in manufacturing of polymer composite products, ensures the implementation of the Federal target programs, conducts research and development, and process development works on introduction of polymer composites in various industries. NCC has been a resident of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone since 2018.

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