RUSNANO Group Presented 10 Companies of FIEP Nanocenter Investment Portfolio at Startup Village

24 May 2021

Alexey Tikhonov, Senior Managing Director, RUSNANO Management Company LLC, participated in the first day of Startup Village, the largest startup conference for technology entrepreneurs in Russia and the CIS.

“RUSNANO Group has vast experience in creating technological startups: more than 800 of them have been formed with the participation of FIEP (The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs). Our challenge now is to support startups focused on the deep tech that can change current industries or create new ones. Our priority is the commercialization of technology, targeted for the needs of end-users. We consider such events as Startup Village to be particularly beneficial, because they allow entrepreneurs to receive feedback in an informal setting, find partners, and learn new trends,” said Alexey Tikhonov, Senior Managing Director, RUSNANO Management Company LLC.

During the Startup Bazaar exhibition, Alexey Tikhonov, as part of a delegation of development institutions, got acquainted with several technology companies, including the CitySad startup, which produces micro-farms for growing greens. The company was formed with the nanocenters of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, RUSNANO Group.

According to Vladimir Svinarenko, director of CitySad, the delegation put a high value on the fact that products are produced without fertilizers: productivity is achieved due to a carefully selected microclimate temperature, lighting, and humidity maintenance. “The main secret is using the Japanese method—farming on a membrane with nanopores, providing the correct amount of water needed for plant growth, but at the same time, the roots of the plants remain completely dry. Grown in a week, the greens can be immediately put on a plate, ready for use. They don’t even need to be washed. And that’s what makes us different from all other solutions on the market. We give an absolutely healthy, clean harvest,” Vladimir Svinarenko explained.

In addition to CitySad, the Startup Village exhibition presented several companies formed with the participation of the RUSNANO Group in the regions of our country:

  • ElTag. A digital price tag system based on e-ink displays (Saint Petersburg)
  • ArcticTex. Workwear of the future (Saint Petersburg)
  • ZhNF Technology Company. Anti-icing and thermal insulation coatings (Saransk)
  • CML AT Medical. Design of medical devices for 3D-printing (Saint Petersburg)
  • Pozvonoq. 3D printing of medical cages (Saint Petersburg)
  • Imprinta. 3D printer manufacturing (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Solartek. Solar roofs (Troitsk)
  • EN RU. Electric power storage system (Troitsk)
  • FlexLab. Development of flexible electronics and photovoltaics technologies (Saint Petersburg).

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The RUSNANO Group includes the RUSNANO Joint Stock Company, the RUSNANO Management Company and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Thanks to RUSNANO’s investments, there are currently 138 factories and R&D Centers opened in 37 regions in Russia.