Enel and RUSNANO Discuss the Creation of Russia’s First Green Hydrogen Production Project

08 June 2021

During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum representatives of Enel and RUSNANO had an initial meeting in which they discussed the idea of working together on the production of green hydrogen. The two companies are looking at the possibility of creating Russia’s first green hydrogen production project at a wind farm in Murmansk Region.

The Enel Group was represented by Simone Mori, the head of its Europe division, Stephane Zweguintzow, head of Enel Russia, and Viktor Naboichenko, the Director for Regulatory & Government Relations at Enel Russia PJSC. In the meeting RUSNANO was represented by Sergey Kulikov, Chairman of the executive board of RUSNANO Management Company, and Alisher Kalanov, head of RUSNANO Management Company’s Investment Division.

The meeting focused on discussions relating to potential collaboration between the two companies in the area of green hydrogen. The companies had earlier signed a memorandum of understanding in which they agreed to consider a project involving the use of renewable energy at the Kola Wind Power Plant (capacity—201 MW), a wind farm operated by Enel Russia on the Kola peninsula in Murmansk region, which is currently being constructed. It will be the largest wind farm in the Russian Arctic, and will be able to generate 750 GW/h of electricity a year, representing a reduction of 600,000 tons in CO2 emissions. It will have 57 turbines, spread out over an area of 257 hectares.

“All over the world, we are seeing a growing interest in green hydrogen production. As for the Enel Group, we are already working in this field in many of the countries in which we have operations. And we are naturally interested in Russia as a region where we may potentially implement projects of this type. The joint project with RUSNANO will be our first step in starting to explore this promising area in various parts of Russia,” emphasized Simone Mori, the head of Enel’s Europe division.

“Russia has a huge potential, both as a producer and as a consumer of green hydrogen. Both state and private companies are getting increasingly involved in projects aimed at developing a high-tech hydrogen energy sector with export potential in Russia. RUSNANO aims to intensify its focus on the development of this sector, and to participate in hydrogen projects involving the latest technologies. The successful implementation of this joint project with Enel will prove that there is a real demand for the production of green hydrogen and enable us to scale up the project in the future, thus contributing to the development of Russia’s national hydrogen strategy,” said Sergey Kulikov, Chairman of the executive board of RUSNANO Management Company.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, pointed out that reducing emissions in different sectors of the economy and increasing the proportion of energy generated from renewable sources is one of Russia’s priority projects. The president emphasized that Russia’s natural environment represented a huge potential that could make a very significant contribution in stabilizing the earth’s climate at a global level.

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The RUSNANO Group includes the RUSNANO Joint Stock Company, the RUSNANO Management Company and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Thanks to RUSNANO’s investments, there are currently 138 factories and R&D Centers opened in 37 regions in Russia.

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