Smart Solutions for Power Systems and Infrastructure Development Are Essentials for Technological Disruption

02 July 2021

Senior Managing Director at RUSNANO Management Company Alexey Tikhonov talked about promising solutions in the energy industry during the showcase session “Mission Possible: Infrastructure = Sustainable Development Guaranteed”.

“Creating infrastructure for the technological disruption is a challenge that needs to be addressed today. An interdisciplinary approach should be used when planning such systems, and each of their separate components ought to be designed with a single concept in mind. We are prepared to coordinate our work with city institutions and other market players,” Alexey Tikhonov noted.

One promising system is Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) combining energy storage capabilities and e-mobility technologies. With its help, vehicles become a part of the power supply system. For instance, they can either return excess electricity to the grid when not in use or store power during off-peak hours when it costs less.

Pilot zones for testing new approaches to power management can already be set up in large Russian cities. Ready-made solutions available on the market can thus be used, and requirements for infrastructure elements that are lacking can be put together.

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