Finnish–Russian seminar helps nanotechnology companies to find new business partners

25 November 2009

On 24 November 2009 the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE) of Finland hosted a Finnish–Russian nanotechnology seminar in Dipoli, Espoo. The event assembled businesspeople from nanotechnology companies, researchers, and government officials. The seminar programme was planned to help meeting new business partners and provide more information on the opportunities of nanotechnology development in both countries.

The nanotechnology seminar was held against a background of bilateral innovation cooperation in the field of nanotechnology. Last December, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, RUSNANO, signed an agreement on intensifying nanotechnology cooperation between the two countries.

The event was organized by the Nanotechnology Centre of Expertise for Helsinki Region, operating at Culminatum Innovation. The Russian side of the programme was supported by RUSNANO and the Russian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (RVCA).

The seminar was divided into two main blocks to cover the issues of strategic co-operation between the two countries in nanotechnology and practical developments in materials and coatings, electronics and MEMs. During the seminar, presentations were given by eight Finnish and eight Russian nanotechnology companies, and several other companies introduced themselves from dedicated booths. The participants of the seminar had vast opportunities for one-to-one meetings. Participant’s list included Nokia, Picosun, Beneq, Technopolis and «Nanotech Severo-Zapad» and other companies.

The seminar culminated in a presentation of the nanotechnology research and research infrastructure and services of Helsinki University of Technology, and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, located at Micronova in Otaniemi. With its state-of-the art facilities, Otaniemi is home to more than 50 nanotechnology research groups, thus comprising Finland’s largest nanotechnology innovation hub.

“The Finnish-Russian Nanotech Partnering event increased awareness of the opportunities for joint operations with very competent partners in the neighboring country,” said Antti Valle, Chairman of the Innovation Working Group of Finnish-Russian Economic Commission, Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland. “There is a clear need for this kind of events in the future as well. The directions for collaboration among Finnish and Russian companies in the field of innovation relate mainly to their complementary expertise. In the networked global economy, more companies outsource parts of their R&D work to the most competent organizations, often from other countries. The special characteristic of the Finnish-Russian innovation collaboration is proximity of the actors; hopefully we will see cross-border clusters evolving. RUSNANO has a key role in providing conditions for new joint operations. It can provide expertise and financing to good quality projects and, what is utmost important, help the global-minded companies to find strategic partners”.

“The seminar was beneficial to all participants. Russian companies found business partners in Finland, researchers found the opportunities to advance their nanotechnology developments in Finnish technology centers and RUSNANO met new potential applicants from Finland,” said RUSNANO Managing Director Dmitri Lisenkov.

The materials of the seminar — agenda, list of participants, abstracts of the presentations — are available from the seminar brochure.