Connector Optics and VI Systems are the first to demonstrate more than 3000 h degradation-robust operation of high speed (>25 Gbit/s) 850nm VCSELs

21 September 2011

Connector Optics

Connector Optics and VI Systems demonstrated more than 3000 h degradation-robust operation of high-speed (>25 Gbit/s) 850nm VCSELs. The result was obtained at the temperature of 75ºC and the pump current of 10 mA. At such conditions VCSELs allow to transfer data at rates beyond 25 Gbit/s.

“The laser chips belong to the latest generation of high-speed VCSELs jointly developed by our companies. The target applications of the VCSELs are Fiber Channel at14 and 28 Gbit/s, Infiniband FDR at 14 Gbit/s and EDR at 26 Gbit/s”, — notes Aleksander Ukhin, CEO of Connector Optics.

“Degradation tests were carried out at the pump current of 10 mА and the temperature of 75ºC. The VCSELs were placed in thermal chamber, the current was switched on and the output power has been measuring”, — says Dr. Leonid Karachinsky, Deputy Director General of Connector Optics. “To our best knowledge, there are no similar VCSELs elsewhere in the world that would have passed similar tests and would operate at 25 Gbit/s rate or beyond.”

The latest results will be presented at the European Semiconductor Laser Workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland, 23–24 September, 2011.

Connector Optics LLC is a high speed 850 nm VCSEL and photodiode manufacturer located in St.Petersburg, Russia. The co-investors are OJSC RUSNANO (Russia), VI Systems GmbH (Germany) and OJSC URALSIB (Russia).
Company has the necessary technology for the production of 850 nm high speed (up to 40 Gbit/s) vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) and photodiodes. The products are the innovative solution for active optical cables (AOCs) for computing systems, and optical interconnects for the consumer market of the next generation, such as USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort. The target applications of the VCSELs are Fiber Channel (14 and 28 Gbit/s), Infiniband FDR (14 Gbit/s) and EDR (26 Gbit/s).
Connector Optics has its own epitaxial growth facilities equipped with a state-of-the-art MBE system and advanced characterization tools.

VI Systems GmbH is a fabless developer and manufacturer of optical engines and optoelectronic components for communication, industrial, and consumer applications based in Berlin, Germany.