NANOLEK Building Biotech Complex in Kirov Oblast

26 July 2012

Pharmaceutical manufacturer NANOLEK today announced the start of construction of a biotechnology complex in the Orichevsk region of Kirov Oblast. The complex has been designed to meet the most stringent rules, GMP standards, for organizing production and controlling drug quality. NANOLEK will produce vaccines and medications using innovative technologies.

Nikita Belykh, the Governor of Kirov Oblast and Mikhail Nekrasov, CEO of Nanolek, laid the capsule with a message to future generations in the basement of the complex, marking the start of construction.

The company plans to begin operating at the new complex in 2014. It will develop and produce innovative biotechnology drugs to treat cardiovascular and neurological diseases, cancers, immune disorders, and other socially significant illnesses.

Total financing for the NANOLEK project exceeds four billion rubles. Of that sum, RUSNANO will co-invest 1.3 billion rubles. The new company is expected to hire more than 400 highly qualified specialists to work at the complex.

Commenting on the choice of a site for the complex, NANOLEK CEO Mikhail Nekrasov noted: “We selected Kirov Oblast because biotechnology is advancing intensively in that region. One of our neighbors will be the federally sponsored Rosplasma medical scientific and production center, which is part of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency. Rosplasma specializes in blood processing. Pharmzashita, producer of anti-radiation drugs and another organization of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency, is also nearby. Vyatsky State University, a leader in technical education, is prepared to provide NANOLEK with the highly qualified workforce it will require”.

Technical Information

Medicines in Tablet Form

NANOLEK will develop tablet forms of controlled release medicines for treatment of cardiovascular, neurological, and psychiatric diseases.

The company will improve the therapeutic properties of the drugs by using sorbent technology with the active ingredients via nanostructured particles of silicon that vary in size from several micrometers to tens of micrometers. This unique technology enables NANOLEK to create silicon particles with pore diameters of three nanometers to tens of nanometers. The size of the pore is optimized to each active ingredient and to its desorption (release) requirement in the gastrointestinal tract.


The company will produce anti-influenza vaccines modified with a nanosized immunologic adjuvant. The synthetic adjuvant the company is developing gathers antibodies on its surface and combines them with immunocompetent cells in the body. Because these immunocompetent cells are more responsive to a particular size and structure, the immune system responds more fully while reducing the antigenic load on the human body.


NANOLEK plans to produce drugs based on organogels for external use for nonsteroid anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines, antihistamines, and herapin-bearing preparations.

It will use nanostructures of lecithin micelles in an organogel to carry highly concentrated biologically active ingredients and accelerate their transdermal delivery. The lecithin micelles are more stable than liposomes and other transdermal delivery systems.