Strategic Cooperation between Russia and Israel in the field of Nanotechnologies

05 September 2008

The delegation of the State Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) headed by Leonid Melamed, Director General, is visiting Israel in order to study the local experience in innovation process stimulation, get into contact with Hi-Tech companies and search for perspective projects.

"Israel is one of the world leaders in Hi-Tech sphere; it is the place, where there are many innovative teams, including those working in the field of nanotechnologies. If we take into account the fact that almost a half of the people working in these laboratories and these companies speak Russian, Israel is objectively a strategic partner for us", said Leonid Melamed in the course of his visit to Polytechnic University "Teknion" in Haifa City.

RUSNANO leaders also had a meeting the day before with Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Minister of the National Infrastructure, Raleb Majadele, the Minister of Science, Culture and Sport, Yuliy Edelstein, Vice-Speaker of the Israel Parliament.

The basic purpose of the delegation’s visit is revealing the perspective investment projects.

"The main agreement for us is an application made by a person, who has any idea, who has developed a new technology or a new product, an application for his financing for further series production", said Leonid Melamed.

According to Leonid Melamed the Corporation is ready to finance not only the Russian but also the foreign projects.

"The only requirement is some part of Hi-Tech and nanotechnology product manufacture is to be located in Russia", added Leonid Melamed.