Anatoly Chubais appointed as Director General of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies

In accordance with Presidential Decree 1400, as of 22.09.2008 Leonid Melamed is released from the post of Director General of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies.

According to Presidential Decree 1401, Anatoly Chubais has been appointed the new Director General.

I see this role as a great and interesting challenge directly connected with the historical task of setting Russia on the path to innovation development. The mission and main objective of the Corporation is close to my heart – for Russia to become a world leader in nanotechnological production. This means that by 2015 the Russian nano-industry’s revenue must equal today’s revenue for the former RAO Unified Energy System of Russia, and about 1 trillion rubles per year. As a member of RUSNANO Supervisory Council I have seen at first hand the enormous amount of work presided over by Director General Melamed in the past year alone. I feel that the company has successfully negotiated a challenging start-up, and, with the unique potential of its team, has the potential to achieve its goals. – said Anatoly Chubais.

I have spent a year here with the greatest pleasure and will continue to contribute to fulfilling the Corporation’s objectives as a member of the Supervisory Council. In the year of its inception, RUSNANO has formed a unique collective body in which I have complete faith. – claimed Leonid Melamed.

Anatoly Chubais was born on 16th June 1955 in a military family in Borisov, Belarus.
1977 – he graduates from Palmiro Togliatti Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics  (LEEI).
1977-1982 – an engineer and assistant at LEEI.
1982-1990 – docent of LEEI.
1983 - successfully defends thesis on “Research and Development of Planning Methods of improvement of Control in Scientific and Technical Organizations”.
1984-1987 – leader of ‘The Young Economists’, an informal group organized by the group of the graduates of the economic institutes.
1987 – participates in setting up ‘Perestroika’ club in Leningrad, with the goal of advancing democratic ideas in intelligentsia circles.
1990 – appointed as Deputy Chairman, then First Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad Executive Committee, becomes Anatoly Sobchak’s  Economic Advisor.
Since November 1991 – Chairman of State Committee for Control of State Assets.
1st June 1992 – appointed as First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation for Economic and Financial Policy. In 1992 headed the development of a programme of privatization and its technical development implementation.
June 1993 – took part in creation of the pre-election coalition ‘Russia’s Choice’.
December 1993 – elected as Duma Deputy of ‘Russia’s Choice’.
November 1994 – January 1996 – First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation for economic and financial policy.
April 1995 – appointed as Controller in international financial organizations of Russian Federation
February 1996 – relieved of the duties of Controller in international financial organizations of Russian Federation
February 1996 – created ‘Civil Society’ fund, providing the basis of work for an analysts group of Boris Yeltsin’s pre-election staff.
June 1996 – set up the Fund for ‘The Center for the Protection of Private Property’.
15th July 1996 – appointed as Head of the Presidential Administration.
1996 –   got a qualifying grade of First Class Active State Advisor.
7th March 1997 – appointed First Deputy Chairman of Russian Federation and Finance Minister simultaneously.
1997 – declared by leading financiers in survey for Euromoney magazine as The Best Financial Minister of the Year
April 1997 – appointed as Executive of Russian Federation in the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and multipartite agency for investment security.
May 1997 – May 1998 – member of the Security Council of Russian Federation.
November 1997 – relieved of the duties of Finance Minister, retaining post of First Deputy Chairman of Russian Federation.
23rd March 1998 – relieved of the duties of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation.
 4th April 1998 – elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of RAO United Energy System of Russia at an extraordinary shareholders meeting.
30th April 1998 – appointed as a Chairman of Board of Directors of RAO United Energy System of Russia.
17th June 1998 – appointed as a Special Deputy President of Russian Federation for links with international financial organizations.
28th August 1998 – released from post of special Representative of the President of Russian Federation for affairs with international financial organizations.
 December 1998 – joined Organizational Committee for Right Business coalition. Headed the Commission for Organizational work of the Coordination Council.
28th July 1999 – according to the survey of more than 300 companies, he awarded the title of Greatest Contributor to the Development of the Russian Federation Stock Market at a council session of the National Association of Stock Market Participants
February 2000 – appointed as Russian Federation’s co-chairman of the Round Table of Russian Federation and EU Industrialists in session of Russian Federation Government Commission on Collaboration with the EU.
May 2003 – elected as a Co-Chairman of Coordination Council at constitutive congress of all-Russian Federation Union of Right Forces Party.
July 2000 – became a President Electric Power Council of CIS. Re-elected to this post for 2001-2007.
October 2000 – elected to the Administration of the Russian Federation Union of Industrialists and Owners (Employers).
26th May 2001 – elected as a Co-chairman and member of Federal Political Council at constitutive congress of Union of Right Forces Party.
December 2001 – awarded with honorable diploma of International Award by the International Union of Economists for his significant contribution to Russian Federation development on the basis of applying advanced international experience introducing contemporary methods of organizing administration, economics, finances and production processes.
2002 – graduated from department of higher teaching and specialists of Moscow Energy Engineering Institute in Problems of the Contemporary Energy Generation. Defended final thesis on Prospects for the Development of Hydro Energy of Russian Federation.
25th September 2003 – becomes Honorable Ph.D. of St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University.
24th January 2004 – tendered resignation from post of Co-Chairman of Union of Right Forces Party. Elected to Federal Political Council of Party.
Has three presidential commendations (awarded in 1995, 1997 and 1998).
Speaks fluent English.
Married. Has a son and a daughter from the first marriage.