First Production Plant Created within RUSNANO Projects Commences Operation

26 April 2010

The first manufacturing enterprise created with the participation of RUSNANO has been opened on April 26, 2010 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. Production plant for the metal cutting tools with the nano-structured coatings is opened in the framework of the project implemented by RUSNANO, Saturn, and Gazprombank. The project is managed by the company CJSC "New instrumental solutions" (ZAO "NIR").

The production plant has the area of 6 thousand square meters and is located at the industrial site of Saturn. Metal cutting tools of ZAO "NIR" have no analogues in Russia. Their application scope is high-tech industries, such as aircraft engine building, rocket and space industry, instrumentation. Nano-structured coating, developed by the scientists from the Kurchatov Institute, not only increases the life cycle of the cutting tools by 2,5 times, but also reduces the cost of ownership for the enterprises.

The project, which resulted in opening the production plant, was initiated by  Saturn in late 2007 - early 2008. In September 2008, RUSNANO Supervisory Council decided to fund the project in the amount of 499,8 million rubles from the Corporation. Thus, RUSNANO owns 49.98% stake in the project company ZAO “NIR”, Saturn- 25.01%, Gazprombank, the financial investor in the project, - 25.01%.

"From a technical point of view this project meets the world level, - says RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais.- Our partner in the project, as known, is Saturn and, of course, at a starting point we’ve focused on its needs, as well as on the needs of other propulsion engineering companies. At the same time, we understand that the potential market for tool production, even within Russia, is much broader”.

According to the RUSNANO CEO, the used technology with its efficiency and technical level is able to be employed not only for metal cutting tools, but also for other kinds of products. "In addition, for us it is clear that there is a strategic necessity to build a business model, that envisages competition with leading global brands", - said Anatoly Chubais.

The planned production volume of the plant in 2010 - 62 thousand new instruments and more than 150 thousand pieces of resharpening. When the output reaches full capacity in 2014, ZAO NIR will be providing jobs for more than 230 highly qualified professionals. Then it will produce over 120 thousand pieces of metal cutting tools with nano-coatings, as well as resharpen more than 720 thousand units.

In April 2010 ZAO NIR has already started to ship products to Saturn. At the moment exploratory batches of the tools are produced for a number of enterprises in Russia and Belarus. After taking tests these tools will be further implemented in machine-building enterprises.
In order to prepare qualified engineering personnel for ZAO “NIR” a special program of ahead training in the sphere of nano-structured coatings of cutting tools and tooling for the turbine machinery was developed by Rybinsk State Aviation Technology Academy under commission and support from RUSNANO. The program is based on the requirements of the employer and implements modular approach. In July 2010 25 people, chosen on a competitive basis from among the engineering and technical staff of ZAO “NIR” and Academy graduates will begin training.

"Scientific and Production Association "Saturn" is the leading engine engineering company specializing in developing, manufacturing and after-sale maintaining of gas-turbine engines for the military and civil aviation, the Navy ships, power generating and gas pumping installations.

Gazprombank (Opened Joint Stock Company) is one of three largest banks of Russia. It occupies the third place in the list of the largest banks of the Central and Eastern Europe. GPB owns the investment level rating of the leading international agencies. 36 affiliated branches and five Russian banks with participation of GPB and its affiliated structures are included into the branched regional network of Gazprombank. Gazprombank also participates in the capital of two foreign banks – Belgazprombank (Belorussia) and Areksimbank (Armenia).

CJSC "New instrumental solutions" (ZAO "NIR") was created on November 11 2008 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, for production of metal cutting tools with the nano-structured coatings. It is the first project, implemented with participation of Rusnano.